Welcome to Major's Mess Hall!

The most MESSED up podcast you'll possibly ever come across!

Major's Mess Hall is a comedy infused podcast based out of Nova Scotia Canada, Liverpool UK, and Chicago USA.
Starting in 2015, Gavin, Scott and Craig decided to create a podcast in memory of their friend "Major" who had recently passed away. The podcast was initially a way of keeping their friends memory alive, but has become something even more worthwhile.

Over the last few years the guys have talked to some interesting guests, including platinum musical acts, to best selling authors, to movie and tv actors from shows such as Trailer Park Boys, Only Fools And Horses and BBC's The Office.
The show is filled full of funny conversations, from movie reviews, to general trivia, and even discussions over the latest video game releases. The show also has originality to it with some of its own features, like "grinds my gears", "Craggleoke" and the popular "Backtrack".

There is some strong language at times, but it all plays a part in the hilarious antagonizing and roasting that goes on. The feel of the show is very much "three mates in a pub" and is all in the name of fun.

Checkout Episode 20 "Yanka Man" to get you started.



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